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Skyway Pro Materials General Features

  • Secure, scalable, designed for growth, centralized /distributed and suitable for small-to-large laboratories.
  • Web-enabled thin application designed for productivity.
  • Designed to work with low internet bandwidth it is suitable for far distance site labs and satellite offices.
  • Streamline reporting process federation and governance for multi entities and multi-holding organization.
  • Skyway Pro Materials are suitable for testing especially for concrete, soil, cement, steel, aggregate, asphalt, chemical, water, food, biological, agricultural and many.
  • Digitalize your business with a powerful, handy, activity-based document management system.
  • End-user can acquire documents from local systems, scanners, cameras with OCR capability.
  • Site laboratories support and quality control.
  • Skyway Pro Materials can be easily integrated with any ERP /legacy system directly or via web services.
  • Strong business intelligence reporting capability and KPIs via dashboards.
  • Easy to use, low familiarization time and has a rich user experience.
  • Mobile application support.